A World Of Possibilities With Eraser Cote®

Whether you are in a creative or professional environment, TEX-COTE® ERASER COTE® creates a world of possibilities for kids, homeowners, and businesses. When you need to brainstorm, show a visual representation, or just take a drawing break, ERASER COTE® is the perfect solution to coat your conference room walls, use on the job site, or even at daycare centers. Tex-Cote LLC. highlights the benefits of ERASER COTE® and how anyone can use the product for personal or professional use.

Dry-Erase Coatings Made For Every Industry:

Dry-erase coatings work well across multiple industries. Health care professionals, daycare centers, kids’ play rooms, construction sites, and any corporate office can benefit from ERASER COTE®. Architects and engineers can brainstorm and work with the team on dry-erase boards before putting pen to paper. Construction workers can also use it on job sites to leave notes, reminders, and any other information to aid the project’s completion.

Dry-erase coatings on walls of corporate offices, conference rooms, or break rooms are ideal to enhance productivity in meetings and create a more collaborative workspace. The dry-erase coating also gives employees the chance to take a break, step away from their desk, and let their creativity show on the wall. Commercial applications for architects, engineers, and construction workers can also offer more space to materialize ideas and bring them into the world.

Easy Application Process:

Our application process makes applying your white or clear finish of ERASER COTE® easy, and you do not need a certified applicator to apply the product. In seven steps, you can begin using your new dry erase space after the coat has dried. For best performance, we recommend using EXPO® dry-erase markers. For the things you want to remember, use TEX-COTE® ERASER COTE®.